Thousands to arrive at the Cave of the Patriarchs under the leadership of Rabbi Yoel Pinto

The session will be led by Rabbi Yoel Pinto, the son of the Admor, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto. There will be free transport by bus from cities throughout Israel.

By Haim Lavie

Medieval-inspired communal bakery aims to help with cost-of-living crisis

"At the moment some people can't afford to switch on their ovens at all and they're having to choose between heating and eating, which is just ludicrous."


Nerya Meir: Israel’s bridge to diaspora Jewry

Nerya speaks to the Jerusalem Post about the worldwide concerns now that the political right will be leading the next government, and other challenges for the Jews in the diaspora.

Helping our neighbors and ourselves

Humans without borders works to assist everyday Palestinians with access to appropriate medical care.

Janusz Makuch - Pathfinding pioneer of Krakow’s Jewish Culture Festival

Janusz Makuch has been organizing the festival since 1988. Through the festival, he has reached a greater understanding of what Judaism means, and it is a never-ending educational process. 

Florida federations preparing to send aid to communities hit by 'Ian'

The Jewish Federations of North America chair, Julie Platt, told The Jerusalem Post, "It’s clear that many communities in Ian’s path will have significant needs"

L’Oréal Israel holds Good Citizen Day volunteering event

All the company's employees from the headquarters in Netanya and the logistics center in Caesarea devoted their entire working day to significant volunteering for the community.

Tzameret Arnona Community Library: A Jerusalem community asset

“We’ve been told by readers that this is the most organized community library they’ve seen,” said Evelyn Elbogen.


Helpi Volunteer Platform launches the Corporate Volunteer Award

Three leading companies in social action: Denya Group, Kornit Digital, and Meitar Law Offices

Shavuot reminds us of community and coexistence - opinion

The Ten Commandments – central to the theme of the holiday – are prevalent in all the Abrahamic religions and are perhaps one of the most obvious expressions of coexistence.

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