How can you learn to be yourself?

For many psychotherapy clients, issues of being oneself are at the core of their emotional difficulties. Below, I outline some strategies that can help people to be themselves. 

Chimpanzees can flex, show off things for attention like humans - study

It isn't just humans who engage in the social behavior of flexing, meaning to show off an object or an achievement for the sake of attention and clout. Chimpanzees can do it too.


Singing lullabies helps babies' social development - study

During testing, the researchers used eye-tracking technology to measure every movement of each infant’s eyes while they watched videos of people engaging them with song. 

Before elections: Nationwide campaign asks media to focus on education and fight against violence

The campaign led by the non-profit organization Sheatufim, includes billboards and newspaper ads calling on the parties to express a clear position on social issues and not only politics.

JGive Platinum: Israel’s first donor-advised fund

JGive’s online platform for donations in Israel enables both domestic and foreign donors to contribute directly to their charity of choice and receive a single tax receipt in their own currency.


The state of the world when peace returns to Ukraine

Inaugurating the BMI International Club Discussion Meeting

Meet the lawyer helping Israelis, Holocaust survivors with their rights

Attorney Aviva Silberman spent two decades helping Holocaust survivors. Now she’s turning to other challenges


Israel's national roadmap plan for Welfare Ministry presented by Menomadin Foundation

The program, which was devised by senior scholars in the field, is the first of its kind to formulate a comprehensive plan of reform for Israel’s welfare services.

Helpi Volunteer Platform launches the Corporate Volunteer Award

Three leading companies in social action: Denya Group, Kornit Digital, and Meitar Law Offices

A couple share a romantic glass of champagne in the Golan Heights

Physical synchrony in a first date may indicate romantic compatibility - study

Through a series of speed dating runs, researchers found that people experience heightened electrodermal and physical synchrony when they are attracted.

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