FM investigates reported sexual harassment at Israeli embassy in Rabat

Many of the allegations involve Israeli Ambassador David Guvrin and include sexual harassment, exploitation, not reporting gifts and office disputes.

 Israeli Ambassador to Morocco David Govrin. (photo credit: Sharaka)
Israeli Ambassador to Morocco David Govrin.
(photo credit: Sharaka)

The Foreign Ministry sent a team to investigate allegations of severe irregularities, including sexual harassment at the Israeli Liaison Office in Morocco.

Among the allegations are sexual harassment, exploiting local women, not reporting gifts and severe workplace disputes, much of which involve Israel’s Ambassador David Govrin, KAN reported.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed only that it is looking into “allegations of irregularities.”

Israeli-Moroccan relations

Israel and Morocco resumed diplomatic relations in late 2020, reopening liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat. The countries agreed to turn the offices into embassies, but have yet to do so. In the meantime, the relations between the countries have been relatively warm, with over 100,000 Israelis visiting Morocco this year.

 Sexual assault (Illustrative) (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Sexual assault (Illustrative) (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

However, a diplomatic incident, such as Israeli diplomats harassing Moroccan women, could damage the nascent ties between the countries.

One of the matters under investigation is the disappearance of a gift from the Moroccan royal family in honor of Israel’s Independence Day, which was not properly reported to the Foreign Ministry. In addition, Govrin is in an ongoing dispute with his security officer, according to KAN.

The Foreign Ministry is also looking into the involvement of a businessman in arranging meetings between Israeli politicians, such as Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar. The man was allegedly present in the ministers’ meetings, despite not holding any official position in Israel.