Ma’agalim graduate tells how organization saves at-risk youth

“I will be the example for at-risk youth in Israel,” Dor Danino said at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York.

Dor Danino, Ma’agalim graduate, and Assaf Weiss, founder and CEO of Ma’agalim at the JPost Annual Conference, NY 2022

“I broke the glass ceiling,” said Dor Danino, a graduate of Ma’agalim, an organization that provides mentorship programs to at-risk youth in Israel’s periphery in 50 cities and municipalities. “I will be the example for at-risk youth in Israel.”

Speaking at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, Danino described his childhood, growing up in Lod in a challenging crime-ridden neighborhood. Aided by a Ma’agalim mentor, Danino served in a special forces IDF unit and attended Ariel University.

After serving in the 2014 Gaza War, Danino found himself in a difficult situation. His mother had been forced to leave her home because Dor, who was in Gaza for 64 days, was unable to support the family. He had also lost friends in the conflict.

“I called my mentor from Ma’agalim,” said Dor, “and he helped me, supported me and believed in me, and we found a permanent solution and the right path to my life.” Today, Danino is about to graduate from engineering school and will soon be married.

At the conclusion of his remarks, Danino thanked Ma’agalim. Assaf Weiss, founder and head of the organization, joined Danino on stage and proclaimed, “The future of Israel: Dor Danino and Ma’agalim!”