TAU Launches Pioneering Graduate Program in Climate Change

The program, offered in one of the most critical climate change regions in the world, addresses the societal, cultural and political aspects of the climate crisis.

 Tel Aviv University (photo credit: TAU)
Tel Aviv University
(photo credit: TAU)

The Lowy International School at Tel Aviv University (TAU) is excited to announce a new master’s (MA) program, 'Social and Policy Aspects of Climate Change.' Offered by TAU's School of Social and Policy Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences, the one-year (three semesters) program is the first MA with a focus on climate offered by any university in the Middle East. It is one of only a handful of social science graduate programs anywhere in the world dedicated to the climate crisis. 

Taught in English, the new program applies a forward-looking, innovative approach to climate research and learning. Professors come from a variety of disciplines,  including anthropology, sociology, geophysics, law, public policy, political ecology, urban studies and national security. Courses, seminars and workshops reflect state of the art research as well as hands-on experience in climate-related areas of government, civil society, industry and finance operations.

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Global Spotlight on the Middle East

TAU's MA program Social and Policy Aspects of Climate Change comes at a time when the Middle East is receiving global attention from a climate change perspective. In 2022, the annual meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) was held in Egypt, bringing together more than 100 heads of states and 35,000 participants.  The next meeting, COP28, will be held in the United Arab Emirates. The region is not only one of the most climatically vulnerable parts of the world but also a global center of oil and gas production.

Israel, a hub of cutting-edge water technologies and clean energy, is in a position to make a significant impact in the region and beyond. New pacts with neighboring countries under the Abraham Accords now set the stage for joint regional frameworks to combat climate change. 

TAU’s new program 'Social and Policy Aspects of Climate Change' provides young professionals and aspiring researchers a critical entry point into a rapidly growing field. It exposes students to a variety of tools required for effective mitigation efforts and adaptation solutions. 

Prof. Dan Rabinowitz, Head of the MA in Social and Policy Aspects of Climate Change: “With current levels of attention to climate change and to the role of the Middle East in the global energy market, TAU is an excellent place for young professionals and aspiring researchers seeking expertise in this field. Understanding the climate crisis, enhancing mitigation efforts and improving adaptation strategies can no longer rely only on hard science and technology. Meaningful change hinges also on a profound comprehension of the societal, cultural, economic and political aspects of climate change.”

Prof. Itai Sened, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences: “Our new program brings together the social sciences and other disciplines to provide students not only with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the climate crisis on society, but with practical and hands-on experience related to climate change work. The graduate program gives students the tools needed to make a positive impact on our planet and our communities.”

Prof. Milette Shamir, TAU Vice President International: “The only way we can truly address climate change is by taking a global approach. Our new MA program in climate change will equip students in Israel and from around the world with the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders in the fight against climate change and to create a more sustainable future for us all.” 

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