water in israel

Israeli agrotech company acquires the Chilean company ‘Hidrotop’ for $3.5 million

Hidtrotop aims to optimize water usage, implement irrigation in rainfed areas and implement high-end technologies in rural areas in South America.

Mekorot records increase in revenue and net profit for first half of 2022

Second quarter profits were NIS 65 million, an increase of 23% compared with a net profit of NIS 53 million in the second quarter of 2021. 

‘Israel has built an exceptional, resilient water economy’

Mekorot is responsible for the Israeli water sector, using advanced technologies that attract the attention of water corporations and organizations from around the world.


‘In just a few years, we will impact the global environment’

Watergen’s technology enables the production of high-quality drinking water enriched with minerals from the air for home and commercial purposes.


Mekorot reports increase in revenues to NIS 952m.

The increase in revenues was achieved despite a decline in tariffs of about 1.5% at the beginning of 2022.

Watergen partners with STMicroelectronics in effort to lower water usage

STMicroelectronics is hoping to reduce the company’s water consumption by 20% by 2025, thereby taking the industry lead in social and environmental responsibility. 

Mekorot posts profits of NIS 386m.

A breakdown of all water sector data indicates that the supply of water by Mekorot increased to approximately 1,800 million cubic meters in 2021 from approximately 1,650 cubic meters in 2020.

Mekorot selects group of companies to design Israel's future water systems

The projects include the development of Israel’s domestic water sector as well as the design of how to supply water to neighboring countries, such as Jordan.

Herzog unveils Mekorot's new water supply system for Jerusalem

Designated by the government as a national infrastructural project, the system is set to connect Jerusalem and nearby settlements to desalinated Mediterranean waters.

Water: Jerusalem's precious resource

Historically, Jerusalem has always been vulnerable to drought with the consequent danger of famine and starvation. There are very few natural water resources in this city.

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