Special summer package at Dan Tel Aviv, including gourmet Café 99

Pamper yourselves at Dan Tel Aviv this summer, with excellent gourmet food and luxury spas which have something for everyone.

 THE BREAKFAST at Cafe 99 is not to be missed. (photo credit: Noy Arkoni)
THE BREAKFAST at Cafe 99 is not to be missed.
(photo credit: Noy Arkoni)

The Dan Tel Aviv is offering a special day package this summer which includes breakfast at the gourmet Cafe 99, a professional massage in the hotel’s state-of-the-art Via Lomah spa, access to all of the spa’s pools and facilities, including jacuzzi and sauna, and of course, the pristine Mediterranean beach just outside.

The breakfast is a sumptuous combination of a hotel buffet and made-to-order dishes, like in a restaurant. Among the offerings on every table are Caesar salad with lettuce, parmesan, and anchovies in a Caesar dressing; a few slices of marinated salmon with a remoulade sauce; an Israeli salad and aruk, which the menu describes as Iraqi vegetable hash browns with tzatziki sauce.

There was also a selection of homemade breads and pastries, roasted eggplant with tehina and s’hug salad, a selection of olives, cut-up vegetables, and several goat cheeses.

Lunch and dinner

The main courses include Eggs Benedict, with smoked salmon on a brioche bun with hollandaise sauce; classic shakshuka; lentil msabbaha served with roasted cauliflower and a hard-boiled egg; and a Croque Gruyère served with a poached egg and mushrooms.

Lunch or dinner may be added to the package.

The spa offers a wide range of massages from 60 minutes administered by its expert staff, which include a classic Swedish massage, a special massage for pregnant women, a sports massage, and a deep stimulus massage.

For reservations, call: 054-8608888.

Dan Panorama Hotel Tel Aviv (credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Dan Panorama Hotel Tel Aviv (credit: Wikimedia Commons)