WATCH: Netanyahu doesn't want his kids to follow in his footsteps

According to a report in Entity magazine earlier this year, it was US President Donald Trump who called Netanyahu on Levin's behalf and requested he appear on the show.

Why Netanyahu hopes his kids don't go into politics, October 4, 2017. (YouTube/Fox News)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he actively discourages his children from going into politics - but he doesn't know if it will help.
In preview clips of an interview that will air on OBJECTified on Fox News on Sunday night, Netanyahu opened up about family and his lengthy career.
When interviewer Harvey Levin asked if the prime minister encourages his children to follow in his footsteps he  said "No, no... [but] it doesn't help. I mean it may not help but yeah of course, because it’s a very tough life."
When Levin asked if any of his children have shown interest, Netanyahu said: "Maybe one, I'm not sure. But I hope not."
Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister's middle child and oldest son, has made waves of late with some of his controversial statements and online postings.
The TV show, created and hosted by Levin, the founder of the celebrity news site TMZ, aims to “present close-up interviews with high-profile news makers and celebrities, aiming to tell the stories of their lives through their own personal items,” according to Fox.
Netanyahu will appear on the show’s fourth episode, which airs on Fox News nationwide on Sunday night. So far, the show has featured TV Judge Judy Sheindlin, former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and music producer and reality TV judge Simon Cowell. The interview with Netanyahu was filmed in Israel in May.
In other clips of the show released ahead of its air date, the prime minister recalled the terrible moment he found out his brother Lt.-Col. Yonatan Netanyahu was killed during the rescue mission on Entebbe in 1976.
“That was indescribable agony, when my younger brother called me and told me that Yonatan had been killed in Entebbe, which I had a premonition that he would tell me that,” he said. “It was as if my world had collapsed.”
In the show, Netanyahu also discussed taking part in the rescue operation of the Sabena hijacking in 1972, when he was an IDF commando in Sayeret Matkal (the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit). According to a report in Entity magazine earlier this year, it was US President Donald Trump who called Netanyahu on Levin’s behalf and requested he appear on the show. Trump himself, while still a candidate, appeared on a special one-off episode of the show which aired in November 2016.
The Prime Minister’s Office has denied that Trump was involved in brokering his appearance.
Levin also denied to The Jerusalem Post that Trump had any involvement in Netanyahu appearing on the show.