Body of missing man found near Sea of Galilee beach

The man, a tourist in his 30s, had been missing for two days.

Israel Police and Magen David Adom volunteers at the Kinneret
After a woman was found unconscious in a grove Saturday morning in Beersheba, police began an investigation that resulted in their learning about a ‘nature party’ at the Goral junction of Highway 40.
The woman, who is approximately 25 years old, had been taken to the Lehavim junction nearby where paramedics from Magen David Adom picked her up. When she was found, she was unconscious, not breathing, and had no pulse. Paramedics were able to resuscitate her and transport her to Soroka Medical Center, where she remains in critical condition.
One of the paramedics at the scene, Yehoshua Weinstein, said his team, part of MDA’s 101st division in the Negev, gave her “life-saving treatment” before evacuating her to the hospital.
Police then began an investigation in the area where she was found, where they learned of the nature party. Details have not been released on what the authorities found at the party, but the presence of drugs and alcohol is suspected.
Police have arrested the DJ as well as the organizer of the party, and the two are being interrogated. They are continuing their investigation of the activities at the site.
Just two weeks ago, two Israelis were killed in a car accident at the same junction.
On Friday night, a similar nature party turned violent when a 22-year-old man was stabbed to death.