Five Cleaning Tips to Combat Coronavirus

Dr. Bronner’s introduces, especially for these days, an organic herbal spray that kills bacteria quickly when soap and water are not available.

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Combat Coronavirus
So you are at home and the Seder this year was very different and quiet, but that does not mean you cannot have fun. So find soaps that pamper your hands and don’t just dry them out, learn how to do your own manicure at home, have a remote mask party with friends and shop online for your beauty and health essentials. But most of all – keep safe.
Wash your hands with organic soap
Dr. Bronner’s introduces, especially for these days, an organic herbal spray that kills bacteria quickly when soap and water are not available. The spray leaves hands soft with a fresh lavender scent, and does not dry them out. Use also for disinfecting toys or a toilet seat in public rest rooms. The bottle is made from recycled plastic and the spray includes organic alcohol, glycerin and lavender oil. NIS 19.90 to NIS 29.90.
Use Alcogel cream that does not dry hands out
Alcogel seems to be one of the most popular products these days, but many people find that the gel dries and burns their skin. The solution? Dr. Fischer now launched a new product – Alco-Cream – a cream-gel enriched with essential hydrating oils with 60% alcohol that provides the necessary protection, killing 99.9% of bacteria, but without drying the hands and suitable for sensitive skin. There are two products in the new line – one with a fresh scent and one with no scent at all. Well done! NIS 24.90.
Find beauty deals online
As we are getting more and more used to shopping online, there seems to be less of a need for going to the pharmacy, especially for things like shampoo or cream. A local e-commerce shop called Deal Cosmetics, offers over 200 different premium brands and they will deliver to your home. Many of the products are unique to Deal Cosmetics and are usually found only at beauty and hair salons. Look for excellent hair products, such as Olaplex, Paul Mitchell, Kerastase, and much more. These days they even have breathing masks and other “coronavirus products.” Deliveries are free with purchases over NIS 299.
Be your own manicurist
If you cannot stand having broken nails and regularly go to the manicurist, you are probably suffering now that all the salons are closed. Essie provided a few tips for those who wish to do their nails at home.
First, remove old nail polish and shape the nails, wash your hands and pamper your hands with a peeling scrub. Dry the hands thoroughly and use a base; this will keep polish fresh for longer. Choose home gel polish that will keep much longer than regular polish, and apply two layers. Then use a gel top coat that will keep your nails pretty for the whole holiday, and don’t forget to wear gloves when washing the dishes.
Experiment with makeup
Staying at home, after cleaning everything more than once, organizing the closet and the kitchen cupboards and finishing the ironing pile, I turned to my makeup table – and after sorting everything and throwing away old, opened jars I decided it was time to experiment with a new way of applying makeup – airbrush. Used until now only by professionals, the results are really ravishing, but I was concerned that makeup used in spray may stain everything in the vicinity.
So I picked Jeunesse Global new NV makeup line consisting of three products – a primer, makeup and bronzer. Created together with Yolanda Halstone, the sprays, which take minutes to apply, produce a polished and glamorous look. If you are not a professional, practice in the bathroom and protect clothes and hair with towels.
The NV primer fills thin lines and prepares the skin for the makeup. Shake the container for five seconds before use, hold it 20 cm. away from your face, close your eyes and gently spray from top to bottom of face using zig-zag movement. Wait 10 seconds and apply one of four different shades of makeup. To use as a concealer, spray a small amount on your hands and dab with your fingers. To finish the look and “sculpt” the face, use the NV bronzer applying it with a round movement on your forehead, chin and sides of nose. To get the Caribbean-vacation look, spray also on shoulders and legs. All of Jeunesse Global products are available only by home delivery. NIS 178. Go to or call (09) 899-9766.
Get the essentials for less
Its corona time and local Sacara chain of stores has launched a hygienic package containing Alco Gel, a bottle of 70% alcohol, a coal mousse facial soap that absorbs dirt and toxins, with added vitamin E and pro vitamin B5; a peel-off coal mask for deep cleansing and peeling wet-wipes. Sacara also now has a first-aid kit – a must these days and always. Prices are reasonable, from NIS 3 to NIS 25 per item. To order online go to