Dance Review: Curtain Up 2014

Performed at the Suzanne Dellal Center, November 14-16.

Theater (photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
The 25th edition of the annual Curtain Up event includes 11 fringe works, within six separate programs (November 13 to November 22) playing at Suzanne Dellal and in Jerusalem.
Under its new management, Curtain Up plans to showcase different a artistic agenda this year. It was most disappointing to see that the event’s opening work consisted of an anemic solo by a performer that could hardly hold the stage by herself. Indeed, there were few highlights in the entire first half of Curtain Up’s selection – too few.
The first is a solo piece by Michal Samama, a talented performer, obviously versed in the arts. Her clever work, A Part of Something Smaller, is danced in the nude by Samama, an act still considered brave, particularly since she is currently pregnant. As daring nude works go, however, compared to groundbreaking dancers such as Apostolia Papadamki or Cecilia Bengolea, Samama is utterly chaste, if at times quite disturbing and at others rather funny and poignant.
She was poised, and artistically consistent.
Another piece which left a pleasant after-taste was I’ll Be Right Back by Iris Erez, performed by Ayala Frenkel and Ofir Yudilevitch. It clearly had that right look; smartly designed visuals with high-tech innuendo, set in the safe zone of contemporary dance, obeying the zeitgeist, yet without the pompous air which weighed down several other pieces. It was pleasing work with humor and human touches, performed by a well-coordinated light-hearted duo.
One of the more distressing pieces was While House by Maya Weinberg, with its endless, semaphored actions that weren’t going anywhere and didn’t seem to care.