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Kitchen Market in the Tel Aviv Port corners the market on good food

A dish at Kitchen Market in the Tel Aviv Port (photo credit: Courtesy)
A dish at Kitchen Market in the Tel Aviv Port
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Twenty years ago, had you walked around the grounds of the old Tel Aviv Port, you would have found small ceramics shops, garages, hangars and storerooms on dusty dirt roads. Not anymore. These days, especially in the summer and fall, the place is bustling with people from all over the country who want to gaze at the sea while enjoying something to eat. For some very tasty food, Kitchen Market is an ideal place to go.
Located on the first floor above the Farmer’s Market, Kitchen Market exudes a pleasant ambience from the moment you walk in. A relatively small but well-lit space, the restaurant has large windows that face the sea, providing a scenic view of the Mediterranean.
The menu offers a wide variety of culinary styles, taken from Israeli, French, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. The tasty dishes are complemented by a fine selection of wines, both local and international. Chef Yossi Shitrit’s food is creative, with fresh, crisp flavors and a presentation that makes each dish as much a delight to the eye as to the palate.
While we waited for our starters to arrive, our attentive waiter brought us some piping-hot homemade bread, served with a tangy tomato salsa (NIS 18).
We began our culinary journey with the salmon tartare with Asian aioli, puffed rice and togarshi (NIS 52). This dish was really on point with its subtle flavors. The tartare was rich, velvety and flavorful. And the puffed wild rice added a satisfying crunch to the dish.
This was followed by the egg – the restaurant’s stunning signature dish (NIS 46). It consisted of a brioche, a soft-boiled egg, seared mushrooms, peas and Parmesan foam. The rich cream sauce paired with the earthy mushroom flavor was simply divine.
In-between, we enjoyed two glasses of Matua Sauvignon Blanc (NIS 46). It was a fine example of top-quality New Zealand wine: fruity with vibrant acidity, clarity and precision.
We were then served a calamari salad with fresh herbs and roasted zucchini on a bed of dill yogurt NIS 48). The calamari were perfectly grilled and very tender. It’s very easy to overcook calamari, and tough calamari is a crime. This dish was fantastic
After we took a bit of a breather, a series of main dishes was served. First up was the sea bass (NIS 138). Accompanied by white bean ragout and whipped bouillabaisse sauce, the fish was well cooked and seasoned just right. The fish was crisp on the outside, and the inside was just perfect.
Following that, we were presented with the 300 gr. veal fillet in red wine (NIS 188). The meat had a lovely crust from the searing process and was pink all the way through. The meat was so tender, it fell apart as I cut through it. The generous side dishes included sweet carrot puree and mashed potatoes, which were rich and flavorful.
When we left, we promised ourselves to go back there soon. Amid the variety of food we tasted was a consistent focus on fresh, wholesome flavors and ingredients and subtle, artistic presentation. After eating at many trendy chef’s restaurants that try to reinvent cooking, it was so refreshing to have what can only be described as very good food.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Kitchen Market
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