Mayim Bialik is heading to Israel to take part in antisemitism forum

The 'Big Bang Theory' star will take part in an antisemitism conference in Jerusalem.

Mayim Bialik speaks about her upcoming visit to Israel.
TV star and Jewish activist Mayim Bialik will be heading to Israel next month.
But she’s not taking part in a new acting project – Bialik will be speaking at the Foreign Ministry’s Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism.
In a video released on Monday, Bialik said she is looking forward to taking part in the Jerusalem confab, which will be held March 19-21.
“I’m very excited to be heading to Israel this March,” she said. “I’ll be speaking on hate speech on the web and in social media and I hope to see you there.”
The ministry said Bialik will be taking part in a panel discussion on the discourse of hatred online.
Bialik, the star of The Big Bang Theory who got her first break as a child actress in Blossom, often speaks proudly about her Jewish heritage and faith. The actress considers herself Orthodox and often shares her Shabbat and holiday prep with her fans online. She also often speaks out on social media about the State of Israel, and not surprisingly can be subject to hateful replies.
“I have spent a lot of time in Israel – and in the West Bank – and I have family on both sides of the spectrum politically and religiously,” Bialik wrote in a blog post in December. “I consider Israel my historical, spiritual and religious homeland.”
The most recent Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism was held in 2015 and included officials, ministers and activists from around the globe.