Netta Barzilai promises surprise as 'Bassa Sababa' gets 100m. views

The singer has promised fans a special surprise now that the goal has been met.

Netta Barzilai (photo credit: DANIEL KAMINSKY)
Netta Barzilai
(photo credit: DANIEL KAMINSKY)
Israeli singer Netta Barzilai took to social media on Thursday promising fans a surprise now that the music video for her hit single "Bassa Sababa" on YouTube surpassed 100 million views.
"I'm gonna get so drunk tonight, who's coming to my house?" she tweeted. "PS: Small surprise tomorrow at 12 pm Israel time."
The post included a picture of herself in her iconic outfit from the music video with 100M written in big pink letters. Underneath, she also wrote "My little rhinos! YOU did it!!!"
Little rhinos are how Barzilai refers to her fans, and rhinoceros imagery is heavily prevalent throughout the music video, with the bright pink rhinoceros from the video also appearing in the picture.
This announcement followed an announcement the artist made on her social media accounts on Tuesday, asking fans to help get the video to over 100 million views.
"If tomorrow I'm gonna wake up and there's going to be 100 million views on 'Bassa Sababa' then I'm gonna f-," she said in a short video uploaded to Instagram and Twitter. She added that she's preparing a special surprise for her "baby rhinos," which is how she refers to her fans.

"Bassa Sababa" is the second single from the Israeli artist, who made fame for her victory in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest representing Israel.
Like her first hit "Toy," the song is a fast-paced pop song. Its music video shows a plethora of surreal scenes, ranging from Barzilai transforming into a bright pink rhinoceros, a high speed car chase, a city being covered in a bubble gum-esque substance and an overall video game aesthetic.
The song was released on February 1, 2019 and became a chart-topping hit in Israel, and was even featured in the 2019 installment in the popular Just Dance rhythm video game series, Just Dance 2020.
At the time of writing, the video currently has 100,032,077 views on YouTube.