Netta Barzilai turned down fashion company that didn't have XL sizes

In an emotional interview, the famous singer and winner of 2018 Eurovision said she can not present a company which "makes little girls feel awful."

Netta Barzilai (photo credit: GUY YECHIELY)
Netta Barzilai
(photo credit: GUY YECHIELY)
Singer and pop-icon Netta Barzilai said in a heated interview with Channel 12 news on Thursday that she declined a lucrative offer to be a presenter for a fashion company when she learned it doesn't produce clothing for women who are above size L.
"Why should I offer my hand in helping this [practice]?" She said, "they make little girls feel awful [when they realize there are no outfits that fit their bodies].
Time Out
published an interview with the singer in January 9 in which she said the company offered to cloth her with specially made clothes that would match her size, and she still refused.
"If a woman who is the same size as me sets foot in that chain store, why can't there be items that fit her in there?" She asked.