Purim Parody: Netanyahu brings Iranian carpet to Congress: ‘These are too expensive also!’

Deep State meeting rejects Prime Minister’s Office claims.

Netanyahu with Iranian carpet - Purim Parody (photo credit: REUTERS/JPOST STAFF)
Netanyahu with Iranian carpet - Purim Parody
(photo credit: REUTERS/JPOST STAFF)
Building on his other speeches involving props, such as pulling an Iranian drone part out of his podium in Munich and a cartoonish bomb at the UN, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now gone to the UN with Iranian carpets to expose the truth about their cost.
“For years these carpets have been sold under the label ‘Persian’ to deceive buyers as to their real origin,’ said Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Kavid Deyes. “Iran’s carpet industry is controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and forms one of their main money-laundering schemes, spreading ‘Persian’ carpets all over the world,” the PMO claimed.
Persian carpets can retail for tens of thousands of dollars and are often sold by unassuming and seemingly innocent merchants. However, the industry was hit hard by sanctions. The estimated $80 million generated annually by Iranian carpet sales to the US declined dramatically. When the US signed the Iran Deal in 2015 the IRGC immediately began weaving carpets again, much as it weaves lies throughout the region.
“Javad Zarif is the center of the scam involving these carpets,” claimed Netanyahu during his speech to the US Congress on Wednesday. Pulling out a piece of a Persian carpet he held it aloft. “This is your carpet Zarif, do you recognize it? It’s overpriced, badly made and its profits go directly to terrorism. You can have it back.”
However, some retired Israeli diplomats and security officials meeting at the Deep State Cafe in Herzliya disagreed with the prime minister’s accusations.
“There is nothing nefarious in the Persian carpet industry,” said one of the men as he wolfed down a sandwich. “This is just innuendo and propaganda. Persian carpets are not the most dangerous part of the Iranian arsenal,” said another.