Shlomi Shabat, Israeli singer, reflects on battle with COVID-19

In a virtual press conference, Shabat told of his continuous struggle with COVID-19, even after his release. "But," he insisted, "I could still pick up my guitar and sing."

shlomi shabat disk 88 29 (photo credit: )
shlomi shabat disk 88 29
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Shlomi Shabat has been gracing the Israeli music world since his burst onto the scene in 1989, but coronavirus forced him to take a step back.
A little over a week since his hospitalization release from Ichilov Medical Center for COVID-19, on Sunday, he held a virtual press conference praising the medical personnel that took care of him, as well as his devoted fans.
Shabat recalled the harder moments, the ones where he was truly afraid. "I began to recall and think about all my loved ones," he said.
Shabat was admitted on October 3, after having been diagnosed with COVID-19 one week earlier on September 26.
He told of the physical strain on his body: legs swelling, needing oxygen. "But," he insisted, "I could still pick up my guitar and sing."
He added that he still receives medical treatment in the form of physiotherapy. He concluded, "Life after this disease is completely upended, completely changed."
He closed the conference, appropriately, with a rendition of his 1989 hit "biglal haruach" (Because of the Wind), an optimistic tune about keeping up a fight.