Time – Make the most of it

All of us are aware that time goes in only one direction – forward. No reversing possible. “The film of life cannot be rewound. Nor can it be halted in its flight.”

SEQUOIA NATIONAL Park, California. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
SEQUOIA NATIONAL Park, California.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Since we have entered summer and since we have daylight saving time in place, we continue to be fortunate that additional light is our gift to be use.
Ask yourself if you are enjoying that extra hour, day after day.
Is time, in general, an ally or adversary? Time is neither. It is neutral. Most important observation – it is what we do with time that matters.
All of us are aware that time goes in only one direction – forward. No reversing possible. “The film of life cannot be rewound. Nor can it be halted in its flight,” a sage philosopher stated emphatically. “We cannot stop time in its tracks.”
Prof. Louis Finkelstein once told us in class – many have quoted his pithy insight about time – “We can kill it. We can waste it. We can use it. We can invest it.” On he went as the students listened. “Prisoners serve time, musicians mark time, speeding motorists make time, referees call time, historians record time, scorekeepers keep time.”
Let’s face it – we are given a great gift each new day: 24 hours of 60 minutes. Human beings, who thankfully know how to count, realize that in our hands each morning we hold – not a week or a month or a year – just a day. Will we use it – will we lose it? The platitude tells us, but it is really true – time flies by. Who are the navigators?
You and I.
I read about the sequoia trees when I was a youth wondering if I would ever see them. Clearly, that was long before the Internet and virtual reality. A great blessing for me, as another of my personal years is about to be completed, was seeing them with my wife and children.
Together, the five of us stood as dwarfs in their majestic presence, realizing that we were witnesses to one of the true gifts of time. If human beings live to a hundred, it is a chronological achievement.
However, our strength is sapped at that age – our minds having lost their vitality. The sequoias are very different – they have to exist for several hundred years before they are the gigantic trees in which I and my family and millions others could bask in their glory. Forest Rangers will tell you that some attain full maturity only at 1,000 years.
Those redwoods impart a great lesson to us. If a baby, when born, could walk, talk and be an adult immediately, then the process of growth in time would have been bypassed. Some geniuses do demonstrate incredible mental abilities at very young ages. For most of us, it takes time to become a professional – lawyer, doctor, accountant, dentist, teacher, stellar athlete. In the process of growth, if we take a time out, who knows if we will ever achieve what we seek. In contrast, for some, pulling back and making time seemingly stand still is the way to grow to what we want to be. We have heard many times that it took a long time, but that individual made it.
“The flight of time is ours to behold. We function and fashion until we be old. Each moment possesses potential immense. Grab it – form it – be you most intense. A watch binds our wrist in the eternal count. Glancing at the hands’ movement – a budding fount. That gift of each second be it sublime. Jump forward into the expanse of prime time.”
So now, as we forge ahead consider every day a loan of time – the most precious of currency. Use it wisely and well. “How do we repay that loan?” a rabbi asked. “Life is lent to be spent. A wise investor will use it for its maximum benefits. By making the count of each day count, we will make the most of our loan of life.”