WATCH: Israel at 70 - the future of the Jewish diaspora

What's in store for the relationship between Jews in Israel and around the world?

Israel 70+: The Future of the Jewish Diaspora (White Animation/
What will become of the ties between Israeli Jews and Diaspora Jews? Will we be able to connect them to what’s going on in Israel? Perhaps even encourage them to make aliya? Will virtual visits to the Wailing Wall and Masada replace the real thing?
In this video made by White Animation for the Israel 70+ project in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary of independence, Amos Hermon, CEO of Israel Experience, tells us all about the potential future of the relationship between Jews in Israel and around the world.
Hermon holds an MA in public management for senior administrators. He headed the Jewish Agency’s educational department for 13 years and serves as chairman of the Agency’s counter-antisemitism task force. Hermon is chairman of the board at “Yad Ben-Zvi” and at the Begin Heritage Center.
The Israel 70+ project is comprised of 12 short animations, each shining a light on the future of a major field of life - medicine, autonomous transportation, the job market, food, family, child welfare, Jews in the Diaspora, big data and more, and these videos will air exclusively right here on!