Winners announced for 2020 Landau awards despite coronavirus pandemic

The awards will be given to nine scientists and artists, each receiving a grant of about NIS 150,000.

Rebbeca Carmi, Winner of the Life's Work award for improving Israeli life in the field of medicine (photo credit: Courtesy)
Rebbeca Carmi, Winner of the Life's Work award for improving Israeli life in the field of medicine
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Mifal Hapayis national lottery has announced the winners of the Landau Science and Arts awards for the year 2020.
The awards will be given to nine scientists and artists, totaling about NIS 1.35 million, with each of the winners receiving a grant of about NIS 150,000.
The award is named after Michel Landau, who was appointed the head of Mifal Hapayis in 1951, and is used to promote research, science, the arts and culture in Israel. They have been given for 19 years.
This year's winners of the Landau science award are:
Prof. Rivka Carmi: Winner of the Life's Work Award for improving Israeli life in the field of medicine.
The award was given to Carmi for her work to advance the medical field in the Negev region, founding the genetic institute in Soroka Medical Center, later serving as dean and then president of the medical science faculty at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Carmi is the first woman to serve as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.
Prof. Avishai Dekel is the winner of the Astrophysics and Space Award.
He was chosen for the award due to his position as one of the top researchers in the field of Theoretical Cosmology in the world. His work represents a landmark in the understanding of the structure of the universe and the process in which galaxies are formed from small disruptions in the initial density field.
Prof. Ehud Gazit is the winner of the Healthy Aging Award.
He is a world renowned researcher in the field of neo-technology and biological chemistry. His research has helped with the understanding of bio-molecular structures, molecular self-assembly and bio-technology. He also helped develop the field of healthy aging, making it into a field which has been adopted by various research groups around the world.
Prof. Eric Rimerman is the winner of the Social Work Award.
His research is in the fields of rehabilitation and comparative social policy for people with disabilities. His research has made its mark on those who determine social policy in both Israel and worldwide.
Prof. David Osishkin is the winner of the Archaeology Award.
Practicing archaeology for more than 60 years, he has made many expeditions to Tel Lachish, one of the most important archeological sites in Israel.
The winners of Landau Award in the fields of Culture and Art are:
Shai Azoulay is the winner of the Drawing Award.
He won through his consistent examination of the role of the painter in society as a whole and Israeli society and the Jewish religion in particular, while also referencing the foundations of art and the Arab traditions of painting. The award committee has said that his painting style is both unusual and yet local at its core.
Loui Lahav is the winner of the Musical Production Award:
Lahav helped establish the field of musical production in Israel, and ever since then has been in charge of producing many of the albums made in Israel, with artists such as Gidi Gov, Shlomo Artzi and Rita.
Niv Shinfeld and Oren Leor are the winners of the Dance Award.
These two were given the award due to their examination of universal questions of human existence as well as the theme of local Israeli life, according to the awards committee.
The winner for the field of theater will be decided later due to unforeseen constraints.
"The Landau award is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the fields of science, research, art and culture," Said Mifal Hapayis head Avigdor Yizhaki. "Today more than ever, we see the importance of acknowledging the important actions of trailblazers in the fields of science and art. We will continue to support the fields of research and art out of understanding of the importance of Israeli scientists and artists' contribution to the well-being of the citizens of Israel and the world," he said.
"This year, we have also announced the award for one's life work, to allow more candidates from various fields to be eligible for the award who have made significant contributions to Israel and its citizens," Yizhaki said.
"Despite the coronavirus crisis, it was important for us to continue and have the important activity of the Landau award," Said Dolin Malnik, manager of the culture section of Mifal Hapayis. "Every year, the categories for the award change so that we can reach as many people who have made a significant contribution to the fields of science, research and art.
"The Landau awards given by Mifal Hapayis are another way to acknowledge and support excellence, be it in the different fields of art or science."