For one day a year teachers are shown appreciation

Students give thanks to their educators, show appreciation for second year in a row.

Banners in honor of national Teacher's Day. (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Banners in honor of national Teacher's Day.
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
A red carpet, balloons and giant banners greeted teachers and educators in Bat Yam on their way to school Monday morning.
This unusual display was part of a nationwide celebration, as municipalities, schools, parents and students paid tribute to their educators on Monday in honor of national Teacher’s Day.
This is the second year that the day has been observed with the aim of showing appreciation to teachers and educators from preschool through higher education and strengthening their standing in society.
The holiday was organized by a number of partners, most notably the Trump Foundation, Or Lehinuch (Light for Education), and LEAD, as well as student and parent organizations, schools and universities, and local businesses.
As part of the celebrations, students both past and present were given the opportunity to send personalized thank you e-cards, recorded video messages and letters of gratitude to their favorite teachers.
“I wanted to say thank you for your understanding and patience. It makes me want to learn in class. I appreciate it and love you and wish you luck,” a second-grader from Igal Alon Elementary School in Tirat Carmel wrote to his teacher.
Tennis player Shahar Pe’er recorded a video message thanking her high school teacher Sara Zehavi for helping her to achieve her matriculation certificate.
“As you know I am a tennis player and am constantly abroad. I wasn’t in Israel a lot to study, but Sara and the education system were really there for me,” she said.
In addition, students were asked to use their smartphones to record their educators recounting stories of a special teacher who had a profound impact on their lives.
Liora Or, a teacher of Hebrew literature at the Tel Aviv Municipal High School “H,” wrote a letter praising her favorite teacher, Ilana Pishtan, who has served as her source of professional inspiration these past 20 years and who passed away a decade ago.
“Ilana knew my childhood dreams to work in education and teaching and encouraged me to fulfill this dream. Even more – Ilana was a teacher for life and has been a source of inspiration thanks to her influential and extremely powerful personality and as a teacher who went above and beyond,” she said.
Dozens of municipalities throughout the country also held special events honoring their teachers.
The Jerusalem Municipality called on students throughout the city to take a photo of their favorite teacher and upload it onto social media, after which the municipality created a special album on its site for the educators.
Also in Jerusalem along with Beersheba, Haifa and Tel Aviv, events titled “Teachers on the bar” were organized by the Trump Foundation and WIZE, whereby past students got together to have a drink with teachers and hear lectures on science and education.
In Netanya and Tivon parents welcomed the teachers to schools with banners and signs to show their appreciation.
“The National Parent’s Association embraces and supports teachers on their holiday, and appreciates the important and critical work for the future of our children,” Danit Greenboim, spokeswoman for the National Parents Association, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.
“The parent’s association works shoulder to shoulder with Israel’s teachers and is partner to their aspirations to create a better relationship between parent and teacher with the understanding that meaningful learning is formed by cooperation between home and school,” she said.
In Bat Yam, in addition to the red carpet welcome, throughout the day municipal workers along with acting Mayor Yossi Becher visited schools in the city and handed out flowers to the teachers.
In the Yad Mordechai School in the city, parents filled in for the teachers for two hours, while the educators were treated to cooking workshops, massages or manicures and pedicures.
“One day a year it is important to give thanks to the people who make everything possible – the school education staff. I want to thank all the teachers and educators in Bat Yam on their work, endless investment, love and devotion for our future generation,” said Becher.