Former Mossad chief: I fear another Yigal Amir walks among us

Shabtai Shavit warned in a tweet of the possibility of another politically motivated homicide in Israel. Yair Netanyahu responded: “I get threats, send them to the police and get no response.”

Shabtai Shavit (photo credit: REUTERS)
Shabtai Shavit
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Former head of the Mossad, Shabtai Shavit, warned on Saturday in a tweet that another politically motivated homicide could occur soon.
“When you read the weekend papers, and as someone who experienced that process that at the end of which a prime minister was murdered, I can not ponder the possibility that a second Yigal Amir is among us, you have been warned!”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair Netanyahu, tweeted in response to Shavit, and blamed the police for not handling the threats he receives properly.
“Hey, I get murder threats almost every day, send them to the police and get no response, thanks for your cooperation!” 
Last June, Shavit was interviewed for Maariv, and went after Netanyahu and Likud voters, saying: “His voters are people with no consciousness, have no understanding. People whose acceptance of the most behavioral norms of their leaders are no taller than grass, it’s terrible”