Former Shin Bet chief: Sara Netanyahu breaching security protocol

Yuval Diskin attacks Netantahu for video showing interior of Prime Minister's Residence in detail.

Sara Netanyahu and Moshik Galamin inside PM's residence (photo credit: screenshot)
Sara Netanyahu and Moshik Galamin inside PM's residence
(photo credit: screenshot)
Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin said Monday that a video clip released Monday of Sara Netanyahu touring the Prime Minister's Residence breached security protocol by revealing details of the interior of the prime minister's Jerusalem home.
The video was released ahead of the publication of a state comptroller report dealing with, among other things, spending of public funds in the Prime Minister's Residence. Sara Netanyahu points out to celebrity designer Moshik Galamin in the video that the residence is in fact in need of many small repairs that the prime ministerial couple has forgone. It is apparently meant to dispel the public impression that the Netanyahus live in wasteful luxury.
However, Diskin took something entirely different away from the video clip. Writing on his Facebook page, the frequent critic of Netanyahu said, "The filming in the Prime Minister's Residence is a grave security breach."
Sara Netanyahu and Moshik Galamin inside PM"s residence
Diskin said that the Netanyahus "panic" at the pending comptroller report had made them forget the very real security threats against the first family.
"What wasn't seen there? Doors, windows, lock types, the inner structure of the rooms and furniture, accessories and appliances, telephone jacks and more," he said.
Diskin said that foreign intelligence agencies and terror groups would pay massive sums to get their hands on the information revealed in the video.
"I hope that because of dampness in the walls we don't have to go to war," Diskin quipped.