IDF against Noa Kirel's new ad: We didn’t like what we saw

IDF Manpower Directorate allowed singer Noa Kirel to take part in a commercial for Yes+, without realizing the commercial is based on the anti-Vietnam War musical ‘Hair.'

Israeli singer Noa Kirel acts as US soldier in Yes+ promotional video (Credit: Courtesy of Yes TV)
Israeli singer Noa Kirel, who is serving in the Israeli military, recently got permission from the IDF to participate in a commercial for Yes+, a new streaming service, but the army did not fully understand what it approved, N12 reported on Wednesday. 
The commercial parodied the song Let the Sunshine In from the famous anti-Vietnam War musical Hair and has Kirel singing while dressed as American soldier undergoing basic training.
The commercial gained a great deal of backlash for a number of reasons. One of the primary issues was the awkwardness of having an IDF soldier taking part in an anti-war inspired video while wearing a foreign army's uniform. Some also criticized the company for allegedly turning the loss of American lives during the Vietnam War into a commercial. 
“We did not like what we saw,” sources in the IDF told N12. 
To ensure the IDF won’t greenlight yet another peace-leaning commercial in the future, procedures will be tightened, the report claimed.  
It is unclear to what extent the army is able to do this, as Kirel is serving under a special Talent Class, which allows her to continue her work while in service. The terms of her service were not fully reveled and some claim they were tailored to her specific needs. 
A joke about Kirel not spending the same amount of time on base as other soldiers was inserted into the commercial. At one point she looks at her watch and says “oh my gosh, is it five-thirty? I have to go.” At this point she leaves the set and all the other cast members wave goodbye.
As she was born with only one kidney, Kirel did not have to enlist at all Mako reported, which is why the IDF placed a lot of value on her joining the army four months ago.