Allen Morganstern: From St. Louis to Vietnam

He was sent to Vietnam in mid-1967. Allen said goodbye to his family at Lambert Airport, the main commercial hub in St. Louis. Upon his departure, his mother told him, “Just come back.”


Putin repeats Nixon's Cambodian mistake

MIDDLE ISRAEL: What Russia now faces are not the torn nations and ragtag militias that Franco and Assad faced. Russia faces a unified nation with a real army and real leaders.

Is Ukraine Russia's Vietnam? - analysis

MIDDLE ISRAEL: In the Ukraine War, Russia is repeating the Western powers’ mistakes in what the French called Indochina, and the Americans called Vietnam.

Viet Taam: A kosher Vietnamese culinary adventure in Israel - review

Vietnamese cuisine is something of a closed book to me, but after visiting Viet Taam, and enjoying a meal there, I can say I am slightly more enlightened.

Rosh Hashanah: Revisiting my past New Year's predictions - opinion

As I dove deep into my formative years, I was surprised by how prescient we were (at times) and how off base we were (most of the time).


Canada ends program with adviser who called Zionists ‘human feces'

The Canadian government had funded a firm whose leading consultant Laith Marouf said Zionists should be shot in the head.

Exuberant sounds of Israeli band Gute Gute echo through Hanoi’s August Revolution Square

 Israeli Embassy in Vietnam brings top Israeli band to Vietnam for two performances

Ca Phe Hanoi: Like visiting Vietnam in Tel Aviv - review

“The concept is Vietnamese food that is super-energetic,” said chef Idan Peretz. “We want the vibe of the market of Vietnam combined with the taste of Mediterranean cuisine.”


Vatican, Vietnam agree to upgrade relations

This would be one step short of full diplomatic relations with ambassadors.

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