IDF says soldiers could be on base for as long as one month

The Israeli military is also suspending all training for reservists until after the Passover holiday in mid-April due to the ongoing concern regarding the novel coronavirus.

IDF Nahal troops complete Gaza war simulation (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
IDF Nahal troops complete Gaza war simulation
The IDF announced on Saturday that all soldiers are due back at their bases on Sunday and must prepare for an extended stay amid efforts to contain the continued spread of the coronavirus.
In a statement, the military said that all combat soldiers as well as those currently in training and those in units where they don’t go home on weekends, must prepare to stay for an extended stay for a period of up to one month.
On Friday, the IDF announced the suspension of all training for reservists until after the end of the Passover holiday on April 15.
In a statement provided to The Jerusalem Post, the decision was made following a situational assessment led by Maj.-Gen. Yoel Strick, the head of the Ground Forces and all relevant division commanders and senior officers.
“This decision was carefully considered and made with the desire to preserve the IDF’s readiness, while maintaining the commitment between the IDF and its personnel in supporting their families at the present time,” the military said, adding that efforts will be made to carry out the postponed training later this year.
The IDF said that while the virus has not yet caused a major disruption to its activities, there are concerns that it may in the future. The military has forbidden soldiers to travel abroad. Those returning to Israel will return to duty after a 14-day period of self isolation.
The IDF is also preparing for the possibility that it will be called up to take part in national measures, should the virus become a full-blown national crisis, including using military bases as field hospitals, as well as assisting the police to enforce quarantines.
There are over 2,500 IDF soldiers in quarantine according to Health Ministry directives. At least three soldiers have been diagnosed with the virus, including a soldier in the military unit 8200 according to Channel 12.