Jerusalem reopens culture with concert using green passport system

Miri Mesika will kick off the reopening of culture events with a performance containing music from her new album, "Ocean".

Miri Mesika. (photo credit: ADI ORNI)
Miri Mesika.
(photo credit: ADI ORNI)
The Jerusalem Municipality will reopen cultural events in the city with a concert by singer Miri Mesika on Monday at 8:30 p.m., as the cultural world in Israel returns to operation after months of being shut down by coronavirus restrictions.
Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion will be present at the event that will take place at the Jerusalem Pais Cultural and Arts Hall in Pisgat Ze'ev. The hall was inaugurated in June, amid strict coronavirus regulations.
This is the first cultural event to take place in the city after the third lockdown and the first to use the green passport system. In order to enter the concert, audience members will need to present a green passport, showing that they were either vaccinated, recovered from the coronavirus or underwent a negative coronavirus test within 48 hours of the event.
"Residents of Jerusalem and visitors - with great excitement we return the world of culture to activity and all this under the guidance of the Health Ministry," said Lion. "I sincerely hope that the city of Jerusalem will once again be the capital of events, culture and creativity as it was. May we meet only for happy events."
Mesika recently released her album "Ocean" and will perform hits from all her albums as well as other songs in different styles and languages during the concert on Monday. The songs planned for the show include: Melech, Ba'A Elichem, L'Sham, Zahara, Mami and Moshe, among many others.
A long list of events are planned to take place in the city in the coming weeks, according to the municipality.
Tickets cost NIS 49 and can be purchased on the Jerusalem Pais Cultural and Arts Hall's website.