Yair Lapid on rally: People who bullied journalists did as Netanyahu asked

Blue and White's No.2 tweeted that protesters "were only doing what they were asked to do, what Bibi asked of them" – Likud MKs Miri Regev and Miki Zohar express support for PM on Army Radio.

Blue and White No.2 Yair Lapid (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Blue and White No.2 Yair Lapid
Blue and White Party No. 2 Yair Lapid spoke on Wednesday about the rally of support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, writing on his Twitter account that "the people who screamed at journalists yesterday who were doing their job. 'Leftists will die!' They pushed, cursed, and they threatened with violence, they were only doing what they were asked to do, what Bibi asked of them."

Culture minister Miri Regev told Army Radio that, "Thousands have come to strengthen Netanyahu, and even those who did not come sent messages [and] were interviewed, expressing their position. There are people on the Left and Right who think it is time for the legal system to operate under the law. When you see that, for the first time, positive coverage is a bribe, and that surprises the judiciary and takes phones without permission - then there is a reality here that we need to check it."
"The place was full to the brim," Regev said. "We have one judicial system, we want there to be equal enforcement. As soon as I saw the signs against [State Attorney] Shai Nitzan and [lead prosecutor for the prime minister’s cases] Liat Ben-Ari, I asked for the signs to be removed. There are two to three signs. We did not come to talk about anyone personally, but about the mechanism and democracy. We came to talk about the fact that we do not want there to be an inquiry or selective moves."
The Minister of Culture added that, "Everyone is behind the prime minister and reinforcing him. Everyone understands that we need to be united to win elections. I committed to two events and I had to combine them all. I got dozens of messages and calls yesterday from people asking me to come. Apparently others were at events, and failed to combine them – I don't know why.
"I didn't come to talk to Likud ministers, I'm just saying that I see everyone behind the PM. What is important is that it was a rally of thousands of people, in a respectable and worthy way. People came to guard democracy."
MK Miki Zohar joined Regev in her remarks, saying on Army Radio that, "I think Likud unity should be more important than anything."
In addition, he advised Netanyahu to ask for immunity: "If there is any place where I can still pin my hopes, it is the court. The question is, in light of all that we have seen, should he be subjected to this torture? I recommend that Netanyahu go for immunity. If he asks for a request for immunity, the people of Israel determine it, which is the right thing. They have seen what they have done to him, and they hear his pain and brokenness," he said.
"The people of Israel will not abandon him."