Netanyahu holds positive meeting with rebel MK

Oren Hazan
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met late Monday with rebellious Likud MK Oren Hazan, who has quit or been fired from all his committees in the Knesset, as well as his post as deputy Knesset speaker.
Channel 10 reported Monday that Hazan would threaten Netanyahu that he would become a one-man faction if the punishments for truancy he received from coalition chairman Tzachi Hanegbi were not canceled. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Hazan denied the report.
“We met and it was terrific,” Hazan said. “We are good friend and everything is fine between us. The prime minister has a country to run. He does not deal with irrelevant things like what committees I am on.”
Hazan said he would speak about his parliamentary work with Hanegbi, who he accused of not respecting agreements Netanyahu reached with him about his posts in the Knesset.
“I will meet with Tzachi when I have time,” Hazan said.
Hazan said he would continue to go to any committee meeting where he believes his voice should be heard in order to represent his constituency.
He said voting in the committees was not a privilege because all the votes go by faction and coalition discipline.
Hanegbi fired him from the Foreign Affairs and Defense and House committees. He initially intended to remain on the Finance and State Control committees. But he changed his mind and quit them to protest Hanegbi’s treatment of him.
“Tzachi kept telling me he didn’t like me speaking so much on bills and he threatened to fire me from my remaining committees, so I chose to leave on my own terms,” he said.