Netflix buys Keshet's 'When Heroes Fly'

The 10-episode first season will become available on the streaming platform early next year.

A scene from Keshet's 'When Heroes Fly' (photo credit: NITAI NETZER/KESHET)
A scene from Keshet's 'When Heroes Fly'
(photo credit: NITAI NETZER/KESHET)
Could this be the next Fauda?
Keshet announced on Monday that it has sold its recent hit TV series, When Heroes Fly, to streaming giant Netflix.
The 10-episode first season of the series will become available to 130 million subscribers around the world in early 2019, Keshet said Monday. The original Hebrew show will be presented with subtitles around the globe.
When Heroes Fly, which aired in Israel in May, has already received both critical and commercial success. Before it even hit airwaves in Israel, the series won the top prize at the Canneseries Festival in France. And the show received high ratings in Israel, an average of 16.5% of the viewing public, close to half a million viewers and a significant figure for a scripted Israeli series.
The show, based in part on a book by the same name by the late Amir Gutfrend, follows four friends and IDF veterans who survived the Second Lebanon War with both physical and psychological scars. Ten years later, the friends reluctantly reunite to track down Yaeli (Ninet Tayeb) – the sister of one and the ex-girlfriend of another – who they all believed was killed in an accident in Colombia years before. In addition to singer and actress Tayeb, the series stars Tomer Kapon (Fauda, The Boys) and Michael Aloni (Shtisel, Virgins).
Earlier this year, Keshet International announced it would be creating an English-language version of the hit show for American audiences.
But the Netflix deal is the first Hebrew show Keshet has sold to the streaming platform. The binge-worthy series could follow in the footsteps of other Israeli shows that have gained international followings on Netflix, including Fauda (Yes), Hostages (Channel 10), and Mossad 101 (Reshet).
Earlier this year, Keshet announced it would be creating a second season of When Heroes Fly.