NGO to host 'post-nup signing party' for those who missed out on 'pre-nup'

The purpose of the event is to underline the importance of eradicating the phenomenon of divorce refusal.

Wedding (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) is holding a “post-nup signing party” on Saturday night for married couples who have not signed what is known as a halachic pre-nuptial agreement.
Perhaps not the most romantic evening a couple will ever spend together, IYIM is nevertheless promoting the event as an opportunity to “celebrate and promote mutual respect between husband and wife” and to set an example for the next generation in order to deal with the scourge of divorce refusal.
The purpose of the event is to underline the importance of eradicating this phenomenon which IYIM says can be largely achieved through legal agreements, either pre or post nuptial, that impose strict conditions on both the husband and wife in the event of divorce.
The event, being held in conjunction with the Women’s Beit Midrash of Efrat and Gush Etzion, will be staged in Efrat and will include food and live music for those participating, with approximately 65 couples having registered thus far.
It is hoped that it will be the first of a series of postnup signing parties which will be staged in different cities around the country.
Jewish law requires a divorce to be willingly granted by a husband and willingly accepted by a wife in order for it to be valid and to terminate the marriage.
However, frequently one party, usually but not exclusively the husband, uses their ability to refuse divorce as a way to extort better terms of divorce regarding the division of assets and other ancillary matters in the final divorce settlement.
Halachic pre-nuptial agreements signed by both partners are designed to impose financial penalties on a spouse who refuses to divorce their partner, and thereby create a serious financial disincentive to drag out divorce proceedings.
Because signing pre-nuptial agreements is still not especially widespread, IYIM is trying to convince those who did not sign one to sign a post-nuptial agreement, in order to achieve the same outcome.