Passover, spring cleaning: What to buy ahead of the holiday

Put on your cleaning gloves and let’s start our preparations for the coming holiday

Estee Lauder's Beautiful Magnolia. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Estee Lauder's Beautiful Magnolia.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
 Yes – the spring is finally here in time for the holidays, and this year, it seems, we will be able to celebrate Passover with friends and family. So put on your cleaning gloves and let’s start our preparations for the coming holiday. Happy Passover!
(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)
My magnolia
Estee Lauder launched a new scent for this spring and it is as sweet and dreamy as spring flowers. Sensuous and full of life, the new Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia expresses strong emotions, opening up slowly to reveal more and more beauty. At the heart of the scent is of course magnolia, joined harmoniously with lotus flower, sandalwood and musk. A perfect spring scent. NIS 299 for 50 ml. and NIS 399 for 100 ml. Available in the Estee Lauder flagship shop at the Ayalon mall and other stores, as well as online.
(Photo credit: Tal Azoulai)(Photo credit: Tal Azoulai)
New skin for spring
Local Dead Sea beauty company Ahava announced its new line of Retinol-based cosmetics, pRetinol. The company promises results by using retinol, without the side effects. Presenting four products in the new line – facial cream (NIS 319), eye cream (NIS 249), serum (NIS 289), and a cloth mask (NIS 199 for six), the company promises that thanks to the use of pre-tinol, based on a patented formula, the products promote the natural production of retinol within the skin cells by supplying the components that the skin turns into retinol. The result, they promise, is smoother skin, reduced lines. Using Dead Sea seaweed, this formula works in harmony with the skin to achieve results similar to those of using regular retinol, without the dangers. Available at the brand’s stores and online at
(Photo credit: Hen Azoulai)(Photo credit: Hen Azoulai)
Get a boost
Careline introduces its new Skin Booster Serum collection, a targeted daily booster for many common concerns. The serums, all free of silicone, paraben, preservative and SLS, fit all skin types, and include: Pro Vitamin C, for brightening skin, that result in more even-looking skin; Pro Retinol serum to help producing collagen; hyaluronic acid serum for instant hydration; and Pro Collagen to help reduce appearance of fine lines. The high concentration of active ingredients in the serums helps achieve an instant solution, the company says. NIS 69.90.
(Photo credit: VipDesign)(Photo credit: VipDesign)
Botanical pampering
Almost all cosmetic companies have special offers for the holiday. Laline introduced a new line – Olive & Babassu, a 100% vegan line of products based on botanical oils, such as olive oil, avocado oil and babassu oil, and enriched with vitamins and minerals. In the collection are a botanical wash gel, (NIS 79.90), Body lotion (NIS 79.90), Body serum (NIS 79.90) and more. 
Their gift boxes for this holiday include many options such as the olive oil one with utility bag, lotion, hand cream and sponge for NIS 199 instead of NIS 212.
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Great gift idea
Hlavin is offering very special holiday gift boxes. Hlavin divides their boxes according to the scent, offering good-value boxes that include scented body cream enriched with vitamins and minerals, spray deodorant, perfume (30 ml.), scented hand cream and a small towel for only NIS 60. Available in pharmacies and beauty stores.

(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)
Smells like spring
Badin introduces new family-size 1.44-liter bottles of laundry softener in time for spring cleaning. Offered in two popular scents, Fresh Jasmine and Wild Orchid, the new 1.44-liter bottles are sold at NIS 24.90.
(Photo credit: Gadi Ohad)(Photo credit: Gadi Ohad)
New scents
Colon has launched an innovative new line of fabric softeners that contain 30 etheric oils. The new softeners are available in three scents: Sea Breeze and Wild Flowers, Gentle Floral with Musk and Berries, and Fresh Nature with Lemon Grass and Jasmine. But the main advantage is the fact that you can pour it directly into the washer’s drum. Easy and breezy. One container is enough for 15 washes. NIS 24.90.
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Clean and shiny
Nicol has launched, as they do every year, a new collection of cleaning and baking accessories, such as disposable cleaning wet wipes of all sorts and sizes, large, strong trash bags, and more. This year my favorite accessory came as a new and magical stainless steel cleaning pad. It doesn’t look like much but it works wonders. Burnt pots, blackened pans? It cleaned them in no time. My hero. All of Nicol items are available in stores across the country.
(Photo credit: Yigal Pardo)(Photo credit: Yigal Pardo)
It’s a wrap
Kerem Teva launched a new line of colorful rice wraps – including classical, brown with tapioca and brown rice, black jasmine, rice and turmeric, beetroot and more. Fun and tasty, these will make a lovely lunch for family and friends during Passover. Give them a try. Prices range between NIS 16.90 and NIS 19.90. Available in supermarkets and nature stores around the country. Call (03) 919-0076 for more information.
(Photo credit: Adi Gilad)(Photo credit: Adi Gilad)
Naturally clean
As readers of this column may have noticed, I really support anything ecological. The new Organic-zone multiple-use bamboo wipes are just the kind of thing I love having at home. Combining the comfort of a disposable wipe and the multiple use we promote, these wipes also enjoy the anti-bacterial qualities of natural bamboo fibers and the wipes will naturally disintegrate. Each roll contains 92 wipes. Special holiday price is NIS 15.90 for a roll. Available in Shufersal Green, Anise, Teva Castel and other nature shops.
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Pasta for Passover
The new GFree line of gluten-free pastas, are apparently kosher for Passover. So if you cannot go through a week without pasta, or just prefer to eat gluten free – their collection is actually very tasty and when I cooked a few of their pastas for guests, they couldn’t guess it was gluten free. 
Try the Gnocchi, (NIS 9.90 for 500 grams), or the egg pappardelle (NIS 16.90), both excellent. There are many more options that we haven’t tried. Other products in their line include cookies, both sweet and savory, pancake mix and chocolate cake mix, and more. The GFree products are available in supermarkets and delicatessens around the country.
(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)
Gluten-free fresh pasta
Another option for gluten-free pasta that is kosher for Passover is the Italian fresh-chilled pastas by Willi Food. There are different shapes of pasta, lasagna, tortellini and more – all made from corn, rice and lentil flours and all very good. Get them at the supermarkets.
(Photo credit: Avi Cohen)(Photo credit: Avi Cohen)
Going nuts
Peeled chestnuts can improve almost any dish – be it a beef stew, pasta with mushroom or sweet desserts. The chestnuts are always a very welcome addition. Now that Maya foods is selling peeled chestnuts in a vacuum package that keeps them fresh longer, I am certainly going to incorporate them in at least one of my Passover dinner recipes. Kosher Badat, NIS 4.90 to NIS 5.90 for a bag of 100 grams.
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Coffee to go
Cold brew is the It thing among coffee enthusiasts, but you can try it mostly only in high-end cafes. Now Beanz coffee brand just launched their new Cold-Brew coffee cans and surprise, surprise – the flavor is good. We drank two: the black coffee and the one with milk (there’s another flavor which is slightly sweetened), and we must admit the flavor was good and refreshing and gave us just the boost we needed driving up north after a long day. NIS 10 per can, available in AM:PM stores, Café Elite stores and BeanZ cafes around the country. For more details go to
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Passover cookies
I know many complain about the traditional coconut cookies for Passover – but I must admit that I really like them. The new Kosher for Passover Belgian coconut cookies by NeoBrand are actually quite tasty and definitely remind me of years past. Rich, very sweet and addictive. 
(Photo credit: Dan Peretz)(Photo credit: Dan Peretz)
Nothing beats a good steak
A new brand of fresh local beef is a reason to celebrate. The very new Havat Ha’Bokrim (Cowboys’ Farm), who supply meat to high-end restaurants, started to also sell to individuals in butcheries and supermarkets, and the meat we tried is simply exceptional. Dreaming of a good American-style steak? You’ve got it. 
The company employs renowned chef Meir Adoni as its culinary adviser and has invested more than 50 million shekels in the launch.
“There is more to beef than just the cut you use,” say the company’s experts. “We choose the right breed, growing the beef in Israel, adjusting the proper nutrition according to the breed and the treatment of the cuts in the butchery.” The labels provide information about the cut and the proper ways to prepare it and most important: the meat is delicious, the likes of which we had only eaten in good meat restaurants before.
From ribs to sirloin, all the cuts we tried at home were just perfect. And we say if we managed to cook it well – so will anybody. Yummy! The new brand is available in leading supermarkets and butcheries. Hurry – your family will thank you.