Police claim viral video of clashes between officer, civilian distorted

Following the outbreak on social media, police released a full version of a video with a full statement detailing what occurred during the confrontation.

Police release video showing full details of arrest of woman not wearing a mask in Tel Aviv, October 16, 2020. (Police Spokesperson's Unit)
A video showing confrontation between police and a woman outside a Tel Aviv market circulated social media on Friday, which Israel Police later claimed was uploaded without showing the full details of the event. 
The original video showed a woman being violently arrested by a group of police officers. It blew up on Facebook as onlookers filmed the event. In the video posted on social media the woman was heard claiming that she was talking on the phone, Walla reported.
Police claimed that the video "and details surrounding it were distorted, and were accompanied by falsities and half-truths to serve as an improper means of blaming the police and their activities."
Following the outbreak on social media, police released a video accompanied by a statement detailing fully what occurred during the confrontation. All actions carried out by the officer in the video were carried out legally, according to the statement. 
According to police, the woman was spotted near the Tel Aviv market without a mask on her face at all. Police approached the woman and asked her to identify herself multiple times, but each time the woman refused. 
The police asked the woman to identify herself multiple times afterwards over the course of many minutes, yet the woman refused, which led to police attempts to detain the woman. 
The woman refused this, too, and tried to escape being detained. 
Eventually the policewoman was forced to call for reinforcement and arrested the woman for refusing to identify herself in addition to violently resisting and causing injury to the police officer. 
The statement noted that the woman was brought to the station, where she continued to "rave and behave improperly" and the female police officer was treated at a hospital for an injury caused to her hand.