Deri denies Sadan vendetta

Report: Channel 10 appointee dated ex-wife of Shas leader’s brother.

Arye Deri.
The saga surrounding the appointment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s confidant Rami Sadan as chairman of Channel 10 took a surprising turn over the weekend when a newspaper reported on a personal connection between Sadan and Shas.
Shas leader Arye Deri succeeded in getting Sadan’s appointment suspended pending a Supreme Court petition following reports that he had made statements against Sephardim and Shas at a Channel 10 board meeting.
Deri has said repeatedly he did not know Sadan and that his opposition to the appointment was not personal.
But Yediot Aharonot reported Friday that Sadan, who is divorced, had dated Yonah Deri, the ex-wife of the Shas leader’s brother Shlomo Deri.
The brothers are very close and currently are being investigated for alleged corruption.
Sadan had written Shas MKs a week ago denying that he was racist and saying he could prove it because he had dated “a wonderful Moroccan woman.” It was unclear Saturday whether he was referring to Yonah Deri.
Sadan posted a statement on his Facebook page Friday denying that he had made the alleged statements, that he has racist tendencies, and that he received the job because of his closeness to Netanyahu.
Sadan did not respond to the report about Yonah Deri, but Arye Deri released a statement saying he learned of the connection between her and Sadan from the newspaper.
“I am willing to take a polygraph test to prove that, and I call upon Sadan to take a lie detector test, as well, about his racist statement about Shas and his voters,” Deri said.