Netanyahu’s son says former MK Stav Shaffir should become a Muslim

Yair Netanyahu calls Shaffir 'ugly outside and inside'

MK Stav Shaffir  (photo credit: RAANAN TAL)
MK Stav Shaffir
(photo credit: RAANAN TAL)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair Netanyahu, and former MK Stav Shaffir exchanged bitter insults in a fight on Twitter on Friday.
The fight began after Shaffir criticized the prime minister for hosting his other son, Avner, for the Passover Seder even though he had urged the public not to host their children due to fears of spreading the coronavirus. Unlike Yair, Avner does not live with his father, and the prime minister was still in quarantine at the time of the Seder.
“There are no words to describe how hard it was for me to not do the Seder with my family,” wrote Shaffir, who is single. “Then our ‘leader,’ whose decisions have made us suffer not only from being quarantined but also from horrible economic uncertainty, celebrates on prime time with his son, despite the directives. This is the message that your children see: There is one law for the nation and another law for him, as he mocks all of us.”
Yair Netanyahu responded by calling Shaffir obsessive and saying she had no life.
“Your only accomplishment in your short political career was uniting the entire Right and Left in considering you intolerable,” he wrote. “That is why they threw you out of the Knesset.”
The 34-year-old Shaffir responded by contrasting herself with Yair Netanyahu, 28, noting that when she was his age she was already a member of parliament “fighting again the s**t of his father in the Knesset,” while he took a taxpayer-funded bodyguard with him to a strip club.
Yair Netanyahu then advised Shaffir not to discuss morality, because she ran for Knesset together with former prime minister Ehud Barak after his ties to the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were exposed.
The prime minister’s son then called Shaffir “ugly outside and inside” He told her to “finally find an Arab husband who won’t throw you out, go to an Arab village, become a Muslim and leave us all in quiet.”
Shaffir then called Yair Netanyahu “a liar, wicked, racist, stalker” and added that “the mouth of the son is the legacy of his father.”