Who you gonna call? Two MK's publicize their phone numbers

MKs Yigal Gueta (Shas) and Akram Hasson (Kulanu) share their phone numbers on national radio to become more accessible to the public.

Man talking on mobile phone. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Man talking on mobile phone.
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
New MKs Yigal Gueta (Shas) and Akram Hasson (Kulanu) shared their phone numbers on the radio on Thursday, encouraging citizens to call with their problems.
Gueta, who was sworn in on Monday, said on Army Radio that as an lawmaker, he plans to do what he did as a member of the Bnei Brak city council, “but bigger.”
“I listen to people, hear what they have to say and help them,” he said.
The new Shas MK said this attitude is the reason his party’s leader, Interior Minister Arye Deri, made sure he would be in the Knesset.
“Deri knows me for 30 years,” said Gueta. “He knows I’m someone who works in the field, night and day, and it doesn’t matter who calls me, I hear their problems and most of the time they’re solved.”
Gueta offered his phone number to listeners – 052-245-4070 – since his “job is to hear people’s problems.”
Hasson then chimed in with his phone number – 054-438-3351 – and said when he was mayor of Carmel, all of the city’s residents had his phone number.
“I will serve all of Israel [as an MK],” Hasson, who is Druse, vowed, “but because I was chosen by an entire community, I will serve them.”
The Kulanu MK pointed out that more Druse voted for his party than any other.
Hasson is expected to be sworn in on Monday, but he officially becomes an MK before that, on Friday morning.
Both Gueta and Hasson became MKs because of the Mini-Norwegian Law, which allows one minister or deputy minister per party to resign from the legislature and be replaced with a new MK. If the minister is fired or resigns from the government, he or she can return to the Knesset.
Gueta replaced Deputy Interior Minister Meshulam Nahari, and Hasson enters the Knesset instead of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.