Robotemi names Lior Suchard as new CBO

"I am excited to join ths groundbreaking venture in the field of personal robots," Suchard wrote in a statement.

Yossi Wolf, CEO Robotemi (left) and Lior Suchard, CBO Robotemi (right) (photo credit: ROBOTEMI)
Yossi Wolf, CEO Robotemi (left) and Lior Suchard, CBO Robotemi (right)
(photo credit: ROBOTEMI)
Lior Suchard, an Israeli mentalist, has just partnered with Robotemi and will be the company's Chief Brand Officer (CBO). Robotemi described Suchard's role in a statement, writing that in his new position he will be in charge of the brand's creative efforts.
Suchard might seem like an out-of-the-box choice - a mentalist who has preformed in Eurovision and on the Late Late Show with James Corden, but Robotemi's statement revealed that he "has stake in several companies from various fields including Cyber Security, Music Tech and the Fashion-Tech industry."
"I am excited to join this groundbreaking venture in the field of personal robots. The decision came after I was exposed to the many advantages Temi has to offer, especially to the idea of the reconnecting to your loved ones from the distance. It helps people that are far away from home, due to their career abroad or frequent business trips and want to maintain personal contact with the family in a practical way. Temi allows this and gives you the feeling that you are accompanied all along the way. In addition, I plan to incorporate Temi into my performances," Suchard wrote in a statement.
Robotemi CEO Yossi Wolf wrote, "We are thrilled with the joining of Lior Suchrad to the Robotemi's leading team. Lior is not only the world's leading mentalist but also knowledgeable and passionate about the technology world. We have no doubt that the combination of Lior's marvelous capabilities with Temi's groundbreaking technology will lead the company to conquer additional peaks."
Temi uses artificial intelligence and is meant to combine "he convenience of a personal assistant with autonomous mobility for use in homes and businesses," according to Robotemi, which developed the personal robot in 2014. Wolf came up with the idea when visiting his grandmother, and his company later realized the device could be used to communicate with loved ones.
Temi won several awards and was named "Best Robot" by International PC Magazine in 2018.
Currently, Temi is available in Europe, China, the US, and will soon be distributed in Israel.