Spring is here - time to relax and smell the flowers

This week try new coffee, look for better sunscreens, fall for the new spring scents and remember to protect our planet.

Careline concealer. (photo credit: DANIEL KAMINSKY)
Careline concealer.
(photo credit: DANIEL KAMINSKY)
 With Passover almost gone and the elections behind us (at least for now), take advantage of our very beautiful (yet very short) spring and go out. This week try new coffee, look for better sunscreens, fall for the new spring scents and remember to protect our planet.


The new ‘Beautiful Magnolia’ eau de parfum by Estee Lauder is so lovely I feel it brings all the happy memories of springs gone by back to life. Velvety, floral and sweet, with added romance of sandalwood and musk – if only we were a little younger… Well, they say it is never too late to fall in love – at least with a new scent. NIS 299 for 50 ml., available in the Estee Lauder flagship store in Kanyon Ayalon and pharmacies.


Hugo Boss introduced their new scent for spring 2021 – Boss Alive, a celebration of the simple delights of life. Now that we are slowly emerging from the pandemic and life is beginning to go back to normal, Boss introduced their new scent for women, promoting it with answers received when they asked their customers, “What makes you feel alive?” Based on both floral and woody notes, Boss Alive Eau De Toilette opens with notes of green apple and mandarine, lemon and magnolia, followed with feminine heart notes of Arabic Jasmin, Damascus Rose and magnolia, as well as exotic spices, ending with warm sage and algom. Yummy. NIS 299.


Vichy introduced recently the new Neovadiol Magistral night cream for mature skin, a lipid replenishing and densifying night care that promises to restore 100% of lipid loss in menopause and promote its production at night. The formula is enhanced with active ingredients responsible for tissue and lipid reconstruction such as Hedione (increases the natural production of lipids); Omega 3-6-9 (reconstructive vital oils responsible for the reconstruction of the skin’s lipid matter); and of course the famous Vichy Volcanic Water, which according to the company strengthens and regenerates the skin. I like and trust Vichy, and this cream is no different, offering a pampering smooth texture that when applied turns into a thin layer of oil, allowing a deeper penetration of the surface of dry skin. For mature, thin and fragile skin. NIS 229. www.vichy.co.il


New concealers by local cosmetics company Careline provide full coverage and long wear. A new technology creates a silky-smooth coverage that covers dark circles while also blurring fine lines and offering a base for foundation and eye makeup. The rich formula includes hydrating and calming ingredients that will give a radiant look, while natural pigments provide full coverage and four different shades target different problems – such as one for fair skin, one for yellowish skin tone, one for darker skin and for extra-dark circles. Use fingertips for application. NIS 54.90. 
While you’re at it – Careline also introduced a new bold mascara – levelled Up, that rounds the eye lashes while adding volume. NIS 69.90.


Local premium Ahava Dead Sea cosmetic labs announced their newest line of products that offer the effect of retinol without the side effects. The Pretinol line boasts four products – facial cream, eye cream, serum and cloth mask, all with the innovative formula that promotes in-cell production of retinol by providing retinol building blocks that encourage the skin cells to produce retinol and get the benefits without the possible side effects. Ahava’s patented formula makes use of qualities found in the only seaweed that flourishes in the Dead Sea, and is rich in beta carotene, as well as vitamin B3 and Ahava’s secret Osmoter mineral complex. Using the new products results, say the company, in reduction of fine lines using a holistic approach. Prices range from NIS 199 to NIS 319. Available online at ahava.co.il and in the Ahava chain of stores.


Estee Lauder introduces ‘Futurist Hydrating Rescue’ Moisturizing Foundation with SPF 45, that will not only cover imperfections but also add a healthy glow to the face. To find the perfect match for you, go online to the Estee Lauder site to try the Virtual Try On, a new tool that helps customers find the exact shade and virtually try it on before ordering. The new makeup is pro-biotic, with a water base, that eliminates sweating, and is marked SPF 45, meaning you can use it as a sunscreen and makeup in one. The new foundation also is long-wear, up to 12 hours, and protects the skin barrier. But the best thing about it is that it feels great. NIS 220. Try it on: www.esteelauder.co.il/product/631/71600/futurist-hydra-rescue/---spf-45


Premium French brand Lierac Paris welcomes summer by presenting a new sunscreen – Sunissime, with added golden tint, which also provides hydration and anti-aging benefits. The sunscreen is also available without the tint. Offering their fantastic nourishing formula in the sunscreen, Lierac Paris eliminates the need to use both, which is a great idea, especially as days become hotter and levels of humidity rise. Suitable for use for anyone over 18, the texture of the sunscreen is smooth and light; it is not sticky like most sunscreens and has a nice scent, gives a nice matt finish and a healthy glow. The cream’s formula includes organic ingredients that work synergistically to block all the spectrum of the sun radiation (UVA and UVB), as well as hyaluronic acid and peptide that promotes melanin. NIS 170. Available online at www.lierac.co.il and at licensed beauty centers.


For many years, at least here in Israel, Wella used to be number one hair brand for everything from hair color to hairspray. Now, celebrating 140 years, Wella presents a line of styling mousses that provide hold while keeping hair supple, shiny and looking natural – just the way it should. The Wellaflex collection includes different mousses for different levels of hold – from extra strong to volume-adding, for curly hair to one that will keep your hair in line for the whole weekend and more. Use the mousse on damp hair and then blow-dry. NIS 25.90. 


The new dish collections by Corelle, sold in Israel by Shekel, have convinced me to completely drop the usage of disposable tableware, be it for Passover or Independence Day. The new collections introduced for this spring are very fresh and trendy, yet are also timeless, offering designs in blue-and-white Greek style, as well as ones with more blue-white and yellow prints, inspired by Lisbon and Sorrento. Corelle from Corning needs no introduction, anyone owning plates by the brand knows that they are literally indestructible, lightweight, save space and will keep for many years. Start collecting. NIS 684 and up for a full set for six diners. Available at www.shekel4u.vo.il


If you miss pasta, here’s a new kind that you may wish to try after the holiday week is over. Arrighi is an Italian brand of pastas and sauces available in Israel exclusively at Keshet Teamim stores around the country. Arrghi started producing pasta in 1930 and has been at it since then. Owned now by the Italian company Berruto, the brand offers 12 different pasta shapes, including spaghetti, penne, fusili, tortelinni, and more. The special shapes are their gnocchi and lasagna, both made from whole wheat. Prices range from NIS 5.90 to NIS 8.90.
The brand also offers a line of classic pasta sauces and pestos. NIS 9.90 to NIS 12.90, available online at www.keshet-teamim.co.il


After a fantastic reception in the Israeli market, Nespresso Starbucks launched a new flavor in time for spring. The new Italian-style roast, which joins the dark-roast collection favored by most Israelis, offers less smoky aromas with strong full flavor (grade 11) and is wonderful for those who love a strong espresso to start the day with or have after a delicious dinner. Available in most supermarkets.



Which laundry washing liquid is your favorite? Mine is usually Persil – for many reasons. Now they launched in Israel the new “Hygienic Cleanliness” formula, in both capsules and liquid gel, that promises not only to clean the stains but also do it hygienically. They also promise that the new formula helps repel new stains and neutralizes bad smells, keeping clothes smelling great for longer time. Suggested price NIS 34.90.



The Passover meals cause, aside from the happy memories of childhood flavors and happy family gatherings, also less talked-about discomforts. To help the digestion, try Bio 25 from Supherb, a unique and advanced pro-biotic formula that helps reduce bloating and feeling of heaviness after meals. With 11 different bacteria, Bio 25 contains 25 billion bacteria in each capsule, all proven to be effective. The patent-protected formula helps the bacteria to survive the stomach acids and reach the intestines, where they are much needed. NIS 152.30 for 30 capsules.