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  Cup of coffee

How many cups of coffee should you drink to prevent dementia?

A new study has found the recommended amount of coffee and tea a day that can prevent dementia and stroke.

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Adding cinnamon to your coffee will speed up your metabolism - study

A new study finds that adding one ingredient that’s in most kitchens to a cup of coffee can help the body burn more fat and improve metabolism. 

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  Cup of coffee

New study finds: Coffee helps protect your heart

How does coffee affect your heart? A new study has found how many cups of coffee you should drink a day to keep your heart going

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  Waking up

Three morning mistakes that make you feel tired all day

Most of us have three bad habits which prevent us from feeling alert every day.  A doctor reveals why we’re tired in the mornings and explains how to avoid this constant fatigue.

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Jerusalem Cinematheque

Jerusalem highlights: Week of September 10-16

Don't know what to do in Jerusalem the coming week? Here's a list of suggestions.

Arab Israelis: Is anybody listening?

We invited Shams Marie Abomokh, a remarkable young woman from Baka al-Gharbiya, a city of 30,000 northeast of Hadera, near the Green Line.

DECAFFEINATED COFFEE began to gain in popularity in the 1950s.

Coffee origins and culture explored in Museum of Islamic Art

Coffee, the universal pass time, is being explored in a new Museum of Islamic Art exhibition, from its origins to its arrival in Israel.


Coffee consumption protects against liver disease- study

A UK study released Tuesday reports that coffee consumption results in lower rates of chronic liver disease.

Café Greg to open 8 new branches in Israel, with NIS 12m. investment

Over the years, the café has become a unique success story, with 100 branches throughout the country.

A handful of coffee beans

Colombia warns of new and aggressive strains of dangerous coffee fungus

Colombia, one of the world's leading coffee producers, is urging farmers to plant more resistant coffee varieties in an effort to stop the spread of a dangerous fungus.

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