Tel-Aviv University students protest in response to Gaza rockets

Two protests were held at the same time, one of the Arab students, and one of the pro-Israel organization, Im Tirtzu.

Arab Students protesting in Tel-Aviv University (photo credit: MAARIV)
Arab Students protesting in Tel-Aviv University
(photo credit: MAARIV)
With the escalation this week between Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists in Gaza and Israel, Arab students at Tel Aviv University (TAU) protested on campus against Israel and the IDF on Thursday.
"The blood of martyrs will flow," From Jaffa to Gaza," the ground will shake" and "Gaza is saying clearly: we don't want to see Zionists," were among the slogans chanted by the students, who convened holding flags of the Palestinian Liberation Organization at the university's Entin Square.
Concurrently, there was a counter-protest of the pro-Israel organization Im Tirtzu, whose supporters chanted pro-Israel slogans, waved Israeli flags, and accused the Arab students of being hypocrites and inciters.
"We are here supporting the residents of the South and our brave IDF soldiers, who work night and day so that these spoiled and hypocritical students can leisurely drink their espressos in Tel-Aviv University," said Shai Rosengarten, coordinator of Im Tirtzu's TAU branch.
"Rather than strengthening Israel and its war on terror, these students are joining with the terrorists and are inciting violence. If it's so bad for them here, they are welcome to go to Gaza,” Rosengarten added.
This is not the first time Arab students have protested in TAU, with the last time being May, during the annual “Nakba Day” protest, which was similarly countered by an “Im Tirtzu” protest at the time.
Since Tuesday, over 400 rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israel by the terrorist organization PIJ in response to the assassination of its leader, Bahaa Abu al-Ata. The rockets were mostly focused around the Gaza border communities, though some have reached as far as Tel Aviv, causing schools and TAU itself to be shut down for a day and a half.