The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of April 20

Livni encounters anti-Semitism at Harvard, Abbas associate fears for the PA leader's life, Jordanian MPs call for gov't to return ambassador to Tel Aviv, and more.

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1.At an event run by Harvard’s Program on Negotiation last Thursday, current Zionist Union MK and former foreign minister Tzipi Livni was confronted with an unusual, but nonetheless noxious question from a Harvard Law School student in attendance.
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2. Close associate of PA President fears for Abbas's life, and the closing of the window for making peace.
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3. A group of Jordanian MPs signed Tuesday a petition demanding that the government return the ambassador to Tel Aviv, in protest of Israel's ''boorish policy against Palestinians."
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4. The parliament in Bahrain issued a statement calling on the government to declare war on Iran and its client terror organization in Lebanon, Hezbollah, following recurrent terror attacks against the state's security forces.
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5. New York natives Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton won their home-state primaries on Tuesday, solidifying their leads as frontrunners for their respective party presidential nominations.
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