The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of March 10

Police arrest hundreds of Palestinians illegally residing in Israel, Herzog tells Biden Jews need to be separated from Palestinians, 22,000 ISIS documents leaked by a former member, and more.

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1. As a response to a deadly Tel Aviv terror attack carried out by a Palestinian from Kalkilya Tuesday night, Police and Border Police officers have arrested hundreds of Palestinians illegally residing in Israel, in raids across the country the past two days.
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2. In his last will, the Palestinian terrorist who carried out a shooting attack in Jerusalem Wednesday demanded the Palestinian factions: "Do not claim responsibility for my martyrdom-seeking operation. I do not belong to any faction and my martyrdom is a sacrifice for Allah."
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3. If Israel does not take steps to separate from the Palestinians, Jews will continue to be killed in terror attacks and the two-state solution will be in danger, opposition leader Isaac Herzog told US Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.
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4.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is "in his own category" among US President Barack Obama's deepest disappointments concerning Middle East leaders, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg wrote in a sprawling feature on Obama's foreign policy doctrine published in the Atlantic on Thursday.
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5.Thousands of documents identifying 22,000 supporters of Islamic State in over 50 countries were handed over to Sky News by a disillusioned former member of the group, the British television channel reported on Thursday.
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