The Lounge: July 24, 2018

Social news from around Israel.

BEVERLY AND Nir Barkat. (photo credit: AVIV CHOFI)
(photo credit: AVIV CHOFI)
1. Rimon School
A group of business leaders and artists attended a concert last Thursday to mark the end of term for the composing, arrangement and conducting department at the Rimon School of Music. For the first time, the final concert was held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and all the proceeds went to scholarships for Rimon students. Guests enjoyed listening to the new arrangements of familiar works created by Rimon students, which was performed by the Netanya Chamber Orchestra, with singers and musicians who hail from the Rimon School. Yaron Gotfreid was the conductor. At the end of the evening, six outstanding students were awarded Sami and Tova Sagol scholarships.
2. Pyramida Center
Last Thursday, the city of Haifa celebrated the opening of Pyramid Platform, the first exhibition at Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art in Haifa. Throngs of people from the city and art lovers from around the country attended the opening. Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav announced at the event that he would be purchasing a huge piece by artist Nasreen Saruji, which was on display at the museum, to be placed in a central square of the city. There to celebrate the art were Shimon Alon, director of the Pyramida; Gil Goren, chairman of the center’s public council; and Galia Bar-Or, the chief curator.
3. Words Matter
On the roof of its offices in Tel Aviv, Wix employees celebrated the launching of the company’s new blog, Words Matter. In this blog, Wix writers share their expertise in an effort to help, inspire and motivate other writers who are posting online. More than 65 Wix writers from over 22 countries create texts in 16 languages that are read by more than 130 million users around the world.  Professional writers from all over the globe assembled to hear Nora Collins-Ginio, Wix Head of Content Writing, and to meet Dedi Schwartz, VP Product.
4. Behind the scenes
The Friends of Weizmann Institute Science Club held an event at Sheva in Tel Aviv, which was led by chairman Shimshon Harel, an owner of America Israel, and CEO Yael Goren-Wegman. The evening was sponsored by Credit Suisse. Guests were invited to listen to lectures given by journalist Itai Angel who read stories from ‘Behind the Scenes,’ which were reported on from war zones; and Prof. Alon Chen, head of the Department of Neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute, who spoke about brain activity in stressful situations. There listening calmly were Yehuda Bronicki; Ido and Orna Nechushtan; Doron Averbuch, CEO of Credit Suisse Israel; Yael Git; Ram Levinson, CEO of Barlev Hi-Tech Park; Avi Levy; and Tzipi and Yigal Landau.
5. After the Tribes
Artist Beverly Barkat unveiled a new art installation called ‘After the Tribes’ at the Castel Winery in the Jerusalem hills last week. It has been selected to be exhibited at Rome’s Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi. The work explores the motif of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and depicts a colorful palette that depicts each tribe’s territory. Attending the exhibition were: proud husband, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat; Eli and Alona Barkat; Yuval and Michal Rakavy; and Rony and Nava Disenchik.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.