Trash burning in West Bank is polluting the environment

“The negligence of the environment in Judea and Samaria is causing tremendous damage to the residents. The only solution is increased enforcement and better future planning,” Gilad Ach of GEF said.

Green Israel Forum notes Trash burning in the West Bank
The Green Israel Forum has noted trash burning in the West Bank which has led to pollution and a harmful environment for residents.
Gilad Ach, Director of the Green Israel Forum, said, “The environmental negligence in Judea and Samaria has caused significant damage to both the Jewish and Palestinian populations. People who don’t have solutions for the waste they create are simply burning it and harming the planet, the local ecological system, and their own neighbors.”
According to Ach, the solution lies in stronger enforcement on the one hand, as well as better future planning. “There must be environmentally friendly planning in order to deal with waste in Judea and Samaria just like what occurs throughout Israel and in any developed country," he said.

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