Massive amounts of waste pulled from streams in Golan cleanup project

"The beauty of nature should be preserved, so we can enjoy a clean and well-kept environment, and protect the the delicacy between man and nature," the Kinneret Drainage and Streams Authority said.

Israel is buried under the weight of its waste

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS: Here's how a new recycling plant in Israel's center could help solve Israel's mounting trash crisis.

This is how to get rid of fruit flies in your home without pesticides

Summer has arrived and with it comes swarms of flies. But don't worry, there is an original and easy patent that will help you get rid of them.


Holon art exhibition adds a twist to garbage disposal

Atuma embraces quite a conceptual stretch and the exhibits duly span a broad spectrum of ideas and presentational formats.


Palestinian waste fires are 'killing us slowly,' warn Israelis in West Bank

Illegal burning of waste is one of the main causes of carcinogenic air pollution in Israel, Otzma Yehudit's Yitzhak Kreuzer said.


This week in Jerusalem: Park or parking?

A weekly round-up of city affairs.


Shipping containers wash up in Ashkelon, thousands fight to claim the contents

Stormy weather throughout the country caused nine shipping containers to drift from their ship which was docked near the breakwater in the city, three of which later washed up to the shore.


This week in Jerusalem: No more stink

A weekly round-up of city affairs.

Fresh vegetables are sold at the shuk (market)

Israel wastes over 1/3rd of its food every year - Leket

Leket CEO: Incomprehensible a solution exists that would be effective across the board with economic, social, environmental and health benefits, and yet, the government ignores it.

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