What did Israelis look up on Wikipedia in 2018?

The most popular pages on the Hebrew online encyclopedia may be surprising.

Wikipedia logo (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Wikipedia logo
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
In 2018, Israelis tweeted about Netta Barzilai, googled the World Cup and wikipedia-ed... themselves.
According to statistics released on Monday by Wikimedia Israel, the most read Hebrew Wikipedia page of 2018 was the page for Israel, with 642,736 views. In a close second was the page for the hit show Fauda, with more than 560,000 views, and then the 2018 Eurovision competition.
The fourth most read page was one for the 2018 municipal elections, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came in fifth place.
Many of the top 10 – not surprisingly – reflected the most googled items of the year, including the World Cup, the Netflix series Money Heist and the Keshet show When Heroes Fly. The controversial Nation-State Law was 12th, Barzilai was 14th, David Ben-Gurion was 24th and Gal Gadot was 58th.
In English, the most read Wikipedia page of the year was “Deaths in 2018,” which received 5,567,206 views worldwide. The second most read page was the 2018 FIFA World Cup, while third was the film Avengers: Infinity War. In 28th place was the late Anthony Bourdain, while 37th was the late Stan Lee. Gadot’s page in English ranked in 235th place, Israel was 242nd and the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 came in 410th place.