david ben-gurion

Netanyahu government's 'reforms' are an attack on all Israelis - opinion

Israel would become a country in which the citizens literally have no rights unless the government allows it.


Religion vs. state: Israel must pay attention to the Hanukkah story - opinion

A healthy tension between the spiritual leadership and the political one is essential not only for a functioning democracy, but for survival itself.

Hanukkah: Fun activities in Israel for the Jewish Festival of Lights

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get out in nature and visit sites all over the country and enjoy the fresh air and the holiday festivities. 


The life of Israel's forgotten prime minister, Moshe Sharett

October 15 is the birthday of Moshe Sharett, Israel's second prime minister, who served as premier for 21 months from 1954-55.


It's time for a new era of Israel-Diaspora ties - opinion

We have to adopt a new paradigm, one which I shall call: The Jewish peoplehood paradigm – Israel and Diaspora as partners.

Gilboa Pimping Affair: Israel shouldn't see prostitution as 'normal' - opinion

I am sure that Golda is turning over in her grave, and I hope Ben-Gurion is as well, with the advent of this sick pimping of Jewish Israeli women to Palestinian Arab security prisoners, or at all.


Menachem Begin's legacy and today's Likud party - comment

Begin was representative of a generation of Jews for whom the Holocaust and the struggle for independence were formative experiences.  


Israel must become the state for all its citizens - opinion

Israel's Declaration of Independence states: The State of Israel will ensure complete equality to all of its citizens regardless of religion, race or gender. 

God is in Israel's Declaration of Independence - opinion

It is clear from the Tanach that “Rock of Israel” is an expression of our steadfast faith in God as our rock, our strength and our protector.


Did David Ben-Gurion decline into dementia?

I had direct contact with B-G, which today, in hindsight, seems to indicate that he was already in the initial stage.

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