New website memorializes terror victims with no Wikipedia pages

Most terror victims' Wikipedia pages are deleted after they stop being relevant, a new project aims to create memorial pages for victims and their families.

Wikipedia blackout.

Wikipedia’s ‘Supreme Court’ tackles alleged conspiracy to distort articles on Holocaust

A Polish group has taken to Wikipedia to distort Holocaust history – all while finding a way to evade editors on the website.


Grapevine: Anglophone Jewish history

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Russia demands Wikipedia remove 'misinformation' on Ukraine invasion

Roskomnadzor has ordered the website to remove the information it claims is "misinforming Russian users." Should Wikipedia fail to do so, it could be fined up to 4 million rubles (around $49,000).

The Computer Science Faculty building at Technion University in Haifa, Israel

Technion shares academic knowledge in Wikipedia entries

Technion students are beginning to write articles for Wikipedia to add to free knowledge in science, technology, and mathematics.

Educational initiative brings destroyed Holocaust communities to life

The purpose of the WikiShtetl project is “to encourage teachers and students to research communities that were destroyed during the Holocaust."

Wikipedia deletes entry on killing of Border Police officer

The entry was deleted due to Wikipedia "being an encyclopedia rather than a memorial site," according to one Wikipedia editor.

NYT calls Isaac Bashevis Singer Polish, Wikipedia made him Jewish again

It may be true that the Nobel laureate was born and raised in Poland, but Singer is, in fact, best described as a Jewish author


IDF asks Wikipedia to edit ‘Hezbollah’ entry to reflect terror designation

The entry currently defines the organization, which has been designated a terrorist organization by 26 countries, a “political party and militant group”

Michael Bloomberg

Who ‘murdered’ Mike Bloomberg?

On the live site it read: “Died: February 19, 2020. Cause of death: Senator Elizabeth Warren.”

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