'3rd of Israelis content with standard of living'

35% of Jewish Israelis are satisfied with their employment situation, in contrast to 28% of Arab Israelis.

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About a third of all Israelis are content with their standard of living, a study revealed Tuesday. The Social Responsibility Index, presented at the Haifa Conference on Social Responsibility by Prof. Arye Rattner and Dr. Meir Yaish of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Haifa University, revealed that 38.7 percent of Jewish Israelis are generally content with their lives. Thirty-five percent of Jewish Israelis expressed contentment with their employment situation, while 28% of Arab Israelis did. Over all, 31% of Jewish Israelis and 25% of Arab Israelis expressed contentment with their standard of living, and 16% of both groups expressed satisfaction with their salaries. The Social Responsibility Index also revealed that 56% of both Jewish and Arab Israelis believed that the way to get rich in Israel is through deceit and corruption. Only 9% of the Jewish respondents believed the government was doing the right things and only 11% believed that the government makes decisions that benefit the general public. Among Arab Israelis, 8% believed that the government operates properly and 7% believed that the government makes decisions that benefit the general public. Only 5% of Israelis were content with the political system. The index reveals that the majority of the Israeli public supports a neo-liberal economic policy. "The Israeli public believes equality means equal opportunity, and supports the existence of inequality resulting from a lack of skills or individual drive to get ahead. The public's idea of the social service network that Israel is expected to provide looks more like the American model, which provides limited socioeconomic support, than the Scandinavian model, which provides widespread, total socioeconomic security," said Rattner.