4 Kassam rockets hit Eshkol region after IDF kills Islamic Jihad commander

Four Kassam rockets landed in open fields in the Eshkol region on Tuesday. Islamic Jihad said it fired the rockets in response to the death of 23-year-old Jihad Nawhda, who was shot and killed by IDF troops near Jenin. Palestinian witnesses said Nawhda, 23, was leaving an Internet cafe near the town of Jenin when the Israeli troops arrived. The IDF said that Nawhda, who was the commander of Islamic Jihad in the Jenin area, was in the midst of planning a terror attack to be perpetrated in the coming weeks. The IDF said that soldiers opened fire at his legs as he tried evading capture and that he died of his wounds. Later in the day, three more rockets were fired into Israel. One of them landed next to a soccer field, as a group of youngsters were practicing. One of the youth, suffering from shock, was evacuated by Maged David Adom medics. In response, the IDF bombed and destroyed the rocket launcher near Khan Younis in southern Gaza.